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About This Course

In this course, we have used the Natalie Bray pattern making method to teach how to make your own patterns for all sizes and designs.

This course is about using the techniques of pattern making, also known as pattern drafting in fashion, to create patterns that will be used to cut fabrics and ultimately be sewn into garments. Methods and techniques studied in major fashion universities are demonstrated in a clear and simple visual so that anyone interested in learning about fashion design can and will learn the foundational principles of fashion design. New terminologies are clearly explained and applied to the subject matter.

As a fashion designer, pattern making is essential in learning how garments are created and put together. A good fashion designer must learn pattern making in order to really understand the construction of his/her designs.

pattern making is essential in learning about the construction of garments. And by learning pattern making and garment construction can help you in your design process. Knowing pattern making will help you in knowing whats possible and what is not when it comes to designing a garment.

Knowing pattern making is valuable not only in the design room but also in production. If something goes wrong in the factory and the reason is due to pattern mistake, you must know what to do and how to fix the pattern and/or remedy the situation.

Because pattern making is a very specialized skill, and not everyone can do it, the financial compensation for pattern makers is usually very high. A pattern maker is a very valuable asset in a fashion company and is treated with respect and rewarded accordingly.

There is a need for good pattern makers in the industry and this course will give you a good idea if this is a career for you. If you are a person who likes accuracy, precision and details, this career can generate a very good financial income for you.

Learning Objectives

student will learn to draft there on patterns and also to draft patterns for any size.
student will learn the slash and spread techniques.
student will learn to draft princess seams/style lines.
student will learn how to start and finish a garment neatly.
student will learn grainlines and how to label patterns, including notches and seam allowance.

Target Audience

  • if you have a strong interest in fashion
  • eager to learn how to draft your own patterns, cut and sew garments neatly.
  • already existing designer who wants to upgrade their skill from free hand cutter to professional pattern maker.
  • beginner in fashion design.


44 Lessons

Introduction to pattern making, terminologies and tools

Introduction to pattern making22:58Preview
Tape Reading and Measurement23:47
The Bodice Average Measurement & Proportion table (Natalie Bray)16:20
The sleeve Average Measurement & proportion table (Natalie Bray)3:10
Assignments proportion table
bodice block

The Bodice Block

The Skirt Block (Natalie Bray)

The Sleeve Block

The Dress Block

Basic Neckline

Basic Dart Manipulation

Under Bust Contour & Princess Seams

Skirt Manipulation

Dress Block Manipulation


Sleeve Manipulation

Shirt Block

Trouser Block

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